EVERYONE LOVES a great movie, right? But what different people define as a “great movie” varies greatly!

Maybe you love horror movies. Or maybe bizarre comedies. Are you into period dramas? Sci-fi? Perhaps you love them all!

Whatever Your Preference, We Want To Hear About It!

To start it off, we asked some of our team members to answer two simple questions—and we’re going to ask you to do the same:

  1. What is your favorite movie?
  2. Why is it your favorite movie?

Here Are Our Team’s Answers

Dr. Wollock’s favorite movie is…

  1. “Lawrence of Arabia”.
  2. It’s his favorite movie simply because it’s AWESOME!

Franklin our Dental Assistant’s favorite movie is…

  1. “Batman”.
  2. It has always been a childhood favorite.

Jen our EFDA’s favorite movie is…

  1. “The Hunger Games”.
  2. She loves the action and found the story line to be very suspenseful.

Sally our Hygienist’s favorite movie is…

  1. “It’s Complicated”.
  2. This movie always gives her a good laugh no matter how many times she watches it.

Nicole our Hygienist’s favorite movie is…

  1. “Christmas Vacation”.
  2. This movie is one her entire family watches around Christmas time and it always gets her in the spirit for the holidays.

Rebecca our Front Desk’s favorite movie is…

  1. “Shawshank Redemption”.
  2. She loves movies that keep her on the edge of her seat and this one definitely accomplishes that.

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What’s YOUR Favorite Movie? Why?

We want to see your answers! Write them in the comments below or join us for a favorite-movie discussion on our Facebook page!

Thanks for your answers, and happy movie watching!

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