Have you thought about investing in a straighter smile, but are hesitant because you’re unsure of what to expect? With previous patients, we’ve found the best way to calm your nerves is to share others’ experiences.

Here is a before and after photo from one of our Invisalign patients, Chris.

Invisalign before and after photo

Like many of our patients, Chris wasn’t satisfied with his smile. For a long time, he considered some type of braces to straighten his teeth. However, Chris eventually found that Invisalign braces were the best option for him.

Why do people love Invisalign?

Chris enjoyed the fact that the Invisalign braces would be clear and not noticeable, as no one hopes for a mouth full of metal. Additionally, he didn’t have to worry about dietary restrictions with Invisalign braces from Dentistry at Suburban Square. He was able to take out his Invisalign and enjoy snacks like popcorn, gum, and chips, then pop the trays back in when he was finished.

Another aspect that most of our Invisalign patients enjoy is how easy it is to clean Invisalign. When you take the aligners out to brush your teeth, you can also clean them with your toothbrush and toothpaste. This will keep them fresh and won’t discolor the aligners. Additionally, most patients comment that Invisalign makes oral health much simpler than traditional braces. You can still brush and floss your teeth efficiently without the help of additional tools.

However, perhaps the thing most Dentistry at Suburban Square Invisalign patients enjoy is the price! We offer the best Invisalign deal to new patients in the area. For more information on this local deal, see our Invisalign pages for Chester County, Montgomery County, and Delaware County.

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