Do you want to do more Invisalign?

DCMI can show you how to go from 40 Invisalign cases to 80, 80 cases to 200, and 200 cases to 400 a year. Not just how to do more. But, how to fit it within your current practice using minimal resources while adding to your general dentistry production. How to build efficiency and predictability as your Invisalign volume grows. How to literally make more by doing less.

Learn from someone who has done this for over 19 years. Someone who has already helped others achieve their true Invisalign practice potential. Someone who is on pace for 700 cases a year, in a five chair full general dentistry office, 28 hours a week, one dentist no associates, with over 3.4M in collections even in a pandemic.

Dr. Michael Wollock

Michael I. Wollock DMD, AGD Fellow

For those who don’t know me; I am a Board Member for the AACA (American Academy of Cosmetic Aligners) and President of the Empire Chapter since its inception; 2016. As an organization under Dr. David Galler, we are the biggest producers of Invisalign in the world. And within this organization I have been the biggest producer every year since we have been in existence. I am and have been an Invisalign Diamond PLUS 1%er since 2017. Now, well over 2000 completed cases. In addition, I am a founding member of the High Rollers organization made up of some of the highest producing Invisalign Dentists around North America. I serve as an educator, consultant, and Board Member for Align on its North American Scientific Advisory Board. And now I am sharing my vast Invisalign knowledge with fellow dentists through this Diamond Club Makers course.

Diamond+ 2021Top 1% 2020Diamond 1%Diamond PlusGaller Cup2017 Top 1% Invisalign Provider2016 Elite Invisalign Provider2015 Elite Invisalign ProviderInvisalign Elite Provider 2014Invisalign Elite Provider 20132019 TIDNA 2018 TIDNA 2017 TIDNAAACADCMAlign

Why reinvent the wheel when I can show you the blueprints that will help you to build what I have. Join me on your journey to become the pinnacle Invisalign provider in your community. To position your office for success during difficult business headwinds. Stop being the workhorse that is towing the cart weighed down by an unmotivated group of employees. Start spreading your wings to become a unicorn leading your Team to new heights.

Only limited candidates will be chosen. A one time fee gives you 6 months of continuous access to my proven mentorship, including 24 focused online lessons. One topic each week in a series that will guide you to unparalleled growth. Plus, so much more in tips, tricks, and proven pathways to success. Let me help you take down the barriers holding you back. All for around what you probably charge for one Invisalign case.

If you are ready to achieve your next level, then apply NOW.

If accepted; You can expect to more consistently solve difficult movements like laterals with less corrections/refinements. Expand case types your comfortable doing to grow your case numbers. Increase your patient base beyond your typical general dentistry three mile radius. Improve outcomes while decreasing your chair time. Find opportunities that are in front of you now but you are missing every day. Recruit your Invisalign base to spread the word of your general dentistry practice. Decrease doctor time while elevating your profits. Have your team work for you and not you for them. And much much more.

If you are ready then I am excited to help you achieve your real potential.

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Dental Arts of Westwood
Westwood, Massachusetts

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Better Image Dentistry
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