With schools back in session, your calendar might suddenly be full of soccer practices, cross country meets, extra trips to Target, and just overall chaos.

Back to SchoolIt’s important to make sure that you always have time for dental hygiene, which includes educating your children. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay affects US children more than any other chronic infectious disease and 19 percent of children ages 2 to 19 years old have untreated tooth decay. That’s why we have put together this back to school checklist:

  • Keep up with routine dentist appointments. It is recommended that you visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning. This helps to prevent decay and allows dentists to catch any problems before they become serious.
  • Brush your teeth! It’s easy for kids to skip brushing their teeth, so it’s important to encourage them to brush for a two full minutes in the morning and at night. Lead by example and show your child that you are also responsible about brushing your own teeth. Make sure to replace toothbrushes about every three months.
  • Wear a mouth guard. Many school sports put your child at risk of getting hurt, but a few safety precautions can help to avoid any issues. A mouth guard will keep your child’s mouth, jaw and lips protected during any high-impact sports, and many sports require this preventative measure.
  • Pack healthy lunches. The food you eat directly affects your teeth, which is why packing a healthy lunch should become part of your daily routine. Avoid packing sugary foods and drinks.

If you have any questions about dental health, feel free to contact our office.