Dana’s Invisalign Testimonial

Dana before and after teeth

Dana just finished her Invisalign treatment, and she couldn’t be happier. It was a very easy process for her and the instructions were straightforward. “All I do is smile now.” Invisalign made a huge difference for Dana. See other Invisalign before & after photos. What Did Dana Have to Say About Invisalign? See more Invisalign testimonials. […]

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Chris’s Invisalign Experience

Chris J before and after teeth

Chris just finished his Invisalign treatment, and he is thrilled with the results. The process was seamless except for getting his teeth filed down, but he says it was not bad at all. Chris recommends Invisalign to anyone and everyone who needs their teeth fixed. See other Invisalign before & after photos. What Did Chris Have to Say […]

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Anita’s Invisalign Experience

Anita before and after teeth

Anita just completed her Invisalign treatment, and she says that it was the perfect fit for her age and lifestyle. She had no issues other than minor discomfort when getting new buttons or trays. Other than Motrin and a little wax, she felt minimal pain. It was an easy process for Anita. See other Invisalign […]

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Susan’s Invisalign Experience

Susan before and after teeth

Susan just completed Invisalign, and is very happy with how her teeth look. One of her favorite parts of the process was watching the gap close up. She would do it again if she had to, but hopefully she won’t have to because she will be wearing her retainers. To hear more, click the video below. See other Invisalign […]

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Marta’s Invisalign Experience

Marta before and after teeth

Marta just completed Invisalign, and is very happy with how her teeth turned out. It was a fast process for Marta and took less than a year. She was well informed about the instructions given and could easily understand what she needed to do. Knowing what she went through, she would do it again, but hopefully she won’t have to if […]

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Bryson’s Invisalign Testimonial

Bryson before and after teeth

Bryson just completed Invisalign, and she is happy with her results. She thinks it was easy and ended up taking nine months. Bryson says she would recommend Invisalign. See other Invisalign before & after photos. What Did Bryson Have to Say About Invisalign? See more Invisalign testimonials. “Look at this smile. Look at that bite. It’s perfect.” Bryson’s […]

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Bonnie’s Invisalign Testimonial

Bonnie before and after teeth

Bonnie just completed Invisalign, and says it was fantastic. “My life has changed dramatically. I am so much more confident with my smile and the way my teeth look. I look at pictures from a year and a half ago and I can tell that my face looks different.” Even with the buttons, she thought it was […]

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Samantha’s Invisalign Experience

Samantha before and after teeth

Samantha has completed her treatment with Invisalign, and she’s pleased with how her experience went. Samantha had many buttons with her Invisalign and after getting used to the feeling, she barely noticed them. The process took a short year and Invisalign was able to fix previous problems she had with braces. Watch her testimonial below to hear more. See other Invisalign before & […]

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Chris’s Invisalign Testimonial

Chris before and after teeth

Chris just completed Invisalign, and he’s very happy he did it. Chris was skeptical at first but was convinced to do it by his wife and says it was a lot easier than he expected. The process took about a year from start to finish. See other Invisalign before & after photos. What Did Chris Have to Say About Invisalign? […]

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Cynthiann’s Invisalign Experience

Cynthiann before and after teeth

Cynthiann just completed her Invisalign treatment and is amazed by the results. She did not believe that her crooked teeth from before would ever change. Thanks to Invisalign, Cynthiann is now more confident to be in public where she can show off her smile. “I feel like a real professional again.” Cynthiann’s treatment took a […]

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