Protecting Your Teeth While Playing Sports

Bobby Clarke's Toothless Smile

Did you know that an athlete has a 10% chance of receiving an oral injury every season of play? A majority of dental injuries affect the front teeth, but tongue and cheek damage is also a common problem. Whether you’re an Eagles starter or a middle school soccer player, you have to take the proper […]

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An Invisalign Diary

Invisalign Diary

We’ve enlisted the help of our patient Irene who recently started Invisalign treatment with Dr. Wollock. She has been creating video diaries, which will be updated on the blog periodically, to document her Invisalign experience. Diary Entry #1 (9/16/15) Today Irene starts the Invisalign process. She wants to improve her bite and make her teeth […]

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Back to School Tips for a Healthier Smile

school kids

With schools back in session, your calendar might suddenly be full of soccer practices, cross country meets, extra trips to Target, and just overall chaos. It’s important to make sure that you always have time for dental hygiene, which includes educating your children. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay affects US […]

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